CULT OF THE MOUSE : Can We Stop Corporate Greed from Killing Innovation in America?
by Henry M. Caroselli, Ten Speed Press, Hardcover: 200 pages, ISBN:1580086330

An ex-Disney creative guy goes about pissing off just about everyone with his provocative look at what we as a country must do to reinvigorate idea generation––to reestablish innovation, not quarterly-profit imperatives, as the top priority in American business.
Henry M. Caroselli, author Cult of the Mouse

About the Author
Henry M. Caroselli is a creative guy who has pushed for ideas and innovation every day, whether wearing a tie in corporate America or at the grassroots within his own entrepreneurial company. Caroselli enjoyed a very successful career in advertising (rising to level of senior vice-president/creative director while working on global accounts at Foote, Cone & Belding, a top-10 advertising agency at the time) that included a 6-year stint at Disneyland as the head of a 33 cast-member Creative Division. During the past ten years, he’s been hard at it as the president/owner of a successful retro-styled street rod business*, while also writing for automotive publications, and teaching Image Methodology at OTIS College of Art+Design. Married for 28 years, he has 3 children, and resides in Manhattan Beach, California.

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